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Free Solana is the best platform for free crypto.

Easy To Earn Money

There are many ways to earn money in our site such as faucet, shortlinks, ptc, tasks, offerwalls, ...

Level System

Level up your account and climb the leaderboard to earn more money and unlock new features.

Fast Withdrawal

We pay you instantly or daily to your wallet or microwallet addresses.

User Friendly

The website is user friendly and compatible with all browsers and devices.


These are some of our features available on our platform to earn free cryptocurrencies.

Faucet, Auto Faucet

Complete daily claims and get rewarded in cryptocurrency Solana

  • Short waiting time
  • High faucet value


Earn free cryptocurrency by completing shortened links

  • High reward pay value
  • Easy to use


Earn free cryptocurrency by watching sponsored links & Advertise your website

  • Cheap advertising price
  • High efficiency of advertising
  • Instant and easy top-up

Offerwalls, Tasks, and More

Complete offers, tasks and get rewarded in cryptocurrency

  • Many challenges bring high value

Our Statictics

Our website current statictics which update in real time.


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Our daily payment statistics for members.

# Username Address Method Amount
450369 jejedoudou36KgUJvRiWrSHZi18uYo5FKQRg8Nw6dNcgxFNz69QviD 0.035 USD
450368 igor270167DK3Gzc21zZ5FMcR2RFmvXrPHanjjpxFiLDUgpaYkKj 0.015404 USD
450367 igoregorkaFHXDY7MqgMcnuD4CWgagcv1DcuthWcBk3T2wSUVv6yYW 0.0157 USD
450366 karunakaranMDLS6AvrgsYRUTJECMmWnHmBLi2F5ddjvq 0.057435 USD
450365 maya5656GRExkP6tqZzFNjsAcq6W8vPvY7LobAYbVT8557mrPzwA 0.120045 USD
450364 tearofsad[email protected] 0.090727 USD
450363 Tera[email protected] 0.02987 USD
450362 Ferryabdullah7xsmpXMd1P7cqSZir13sJaZGM3my61SmCzDLGwN7xfuJ 0.07489 USD
450361 ax1354TTypUSodz8ARWRM9tCSAcwg6VtiYund3RQ 0.016608 USD
450360 Belichenko909Vu7Fm3hDyr8SMTjaw88e8zBh5Cy3b3DMMkeRZwLPVd3 0.0172 USD
450359 Peace82[email protected] 0.031481 USD
450358 dernemetsDpVefihF4ho1TuWqp25PiXPa8zAVdZRPNB1773hyaXVx 0.116278 USD
450357 igoregorkaFHXDY7MqgMcnuD4CWgagcv1DcuthWcBk3T2wSUVv6yYW 0.015826 USD
450356 Lekc45[email protected] 0.015201 USD
450355 Hameed111[email protected] 0.021966 USD
450354 hiroanCnUnf5q46MsxroBtdBrHrQFDG6i78b7aRP5fbzUThhhz 0.018333 USD
450353 Sou121ma[email protected] 0.07882 USD
450352 igoregorkaFHXDY7MqgMcnuD4CWgagcv1DcuthWcBk3T2wSUVv6yYW 0.015293 USD
450351 Risingsun707[email protected] 0.162885 USD
450350 aymenbls3YPhGJUgnjS9Ly1GYTEXyvQzggwTjho1YvkwC6GQtXiN 0.017239 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

All the frequent questions have been answered below.

Can I create multiple accounts?

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts or have multiple accounts in the same network. All violated accounts will be banned.

Can I use Bots or VPN/Proxy?

Bots, VPN/Proxy are not allowed on this site. We will ban all violated accounts.

Do I Need To Invest To Earn or Withdraw?

No you don't need to invest at all.

Is There Any Withdraw Fee?

There's no withdraw fee. Withdraw easily and instantly to Faucetpay!

Why do I get logged out?

First of all, you can't be connected in multiple places at the same time. If you are logged in on device A, as soon as you log in on device B, you will be logged out of device A. Also, if your IP address changes, you will be logged out.

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